Got a Good Thing Goin'

by Albert Collins

Albert Collins (October 1, 1932 – November 24, 1993) was an American electric blues guitarist and singer (and occasional harmonica player) whose recording career began in the 1960s in Houston and whose fame eventually took him to stages across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. He had many…

When you told me was all over, babeYou thought all I ever was, was through(Oh-oh!)When you told me it was all over, babeThought all I ever was through (oh yeah)I had three more irons in the fireSorry, but I forgot to tell you(One more thing I'd like to tell you right now)Uh-huhYou thought I'd be hurt when you left me, babeBut I found another thing, (owoo!)Yeah, you thought I'd be hurt when you left me, babeBut I found another thing(Yeah, somebody else!)But sometime what you lose,Is nothin' compared to what you win(Ow)(I'm gonna feel alright, yeah)(I feel alright)(Ow-ooo)A good man may fall, babe (oh yeah)But ya get back on your feet(Yeah, I know, I know, I know)You know, you knowA good man may fall, babeYou know ya get back on your feetYes, I've got a good thing goin' now woman(Got a good thing goin' now)Oh, the future look good to me(Future looks so good to me)Alright

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