The final funeral (Jack & Maxx dis)

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Yuh'Mcety & Infinity Rhymes

Both these young rappers been friend since the 8th grade and running it. The lines they spit here are for the brawl they got involved in Rap Battles (Text Battling)


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[Intro: Yuh'Mcety & Infinity Rhymes]Yuh'Mketrush enterin' the buildin' uh game over to hoesF to all our poes, we ain't here to make corrections we are here to make destruction[Verse: Infinity Rhymes]Lemme give this hoes some tips listen Mr MaxYou think you dope but you're broke your rhymes hasn't reach the climaxI'll bruise your eyes if you spit like a bitch havin' some sexI got the battleship, you stroked by hardship, I got the magnet , I'm holdin' you rigidI hug the smug without no gold slugs but with some metal slugs that will saturate you, till you become placidI'll obstinate and colonise the State till you accept the fate cause my lines are insipidI outdo with 'em snipers when I'm underground like I'm a submarineI'm a marine that came as a sub in the pitch, so I am a submarineThat are our titles, we got the rifles but you busy bitchin' actin' feminineYou gonna pay the fine cause I confine all the riots and idiots with my punctual gunnin' machineMcety got the sauce, of course the mud is for shadowI killed your wife with one bullet but bitch you turned out to be the widowThat acts cowardly when it sees a fight and looks by the windowI got the flow that glow in sorrow and I'm dope of course there are no flows I need to borrowI come with heavy rains and destroy all the crazy terrains that are stagnantImma feed you my fist simultaneously with the feet and leave you pregnantI'm a cop that pop and stop the top clique and maltreat the hoes with no warrantWe will beat you and leave you with no guaranteeOur shit whimsical they'll scratch your bladder till you feel to peeWe 'em officials that are valiant and at the end you'll pay the fee and bow down with your knee suckers...[Verse: Yuh'Mcety]Yuh'Mketrush on some real shitit's a Future shit ya'll better smell it, it's a real shitHoes lemme put you in School Of RapWe really have a right to rap course we don't do leftJack you the only gay here and there's no more leftIf you wanna be a good rapper stop rapping senseless things like you do gaysPut some straight mind on yo brain so you'll kill gay's cellsJack think U.E.B is a place for faggotsJack and your Babe Max busy eating Jungle Oats while I'm eating fag oatsAfter I'm done with this mess call the Rap Fire Brigade to incinerateYou both call yoselves a tag team while to me you like a car that don't accelerateYou don't have the Gas, Law brothas we them outlawsYuh_Mketrush the Best indeed kill 'em with the bars and the flawsI hang with masters a lot so I'm a masterpieceDon't try try to attack me I'll kill you with one move like a Queen rightZa, ze, zi, zo, zu your country Zim is the only zoo that I see right nowIts got the best hoes who fuck with elephant dicksJack & Maxx you think you can rap while you still not fuckin with theseImma pour your bile outta the gall bladder with my knife and let ma dawgz eat yo pancreasLast night I slept with both yo baby momma's did a 3some gave 'em some cash so they'll pay you feesHow come you say I'm not fucking with the game while I got a PlayStation dick?When I wanna show off my dick to Jack your babe hold your arm and say to you 'baby hold your toothpick'I ain't really here to choose and pickAll I'm here for is to get a better view that's a top peakYou don't have more days left to liveU gotta be sayin some goodbyes and badbyes on your jobs tell 'em it a permanent leaveHalleluya to the Devil bitches who thought they can bite us with their toothless mouthsMan oh man where did they take you from suckas dady fuckas and mofackaz from the North?Kings is what they call us from every coasts North and SouthEveryday we got a body to be bagging and today it's your dayThough you tried with yo -10 punches but its not really your dayRewind our history dawgz so you'll see that we really slayUlulating to the enemy while its dead take tha coffee in sell it and we do get pai'Should I tell you we never lost and we'll never loseHalleluyah once again! lemme leave you bitches on your bad alarm course I can here you snoozeInfinity gonn' rhyme till you done counting all the stars in the skyWe on some real Sremm shit nigga we living on a 'natural high'Suckers...[Outro: Yuh'Mcety & Infinity Rhymes]I got the flow that glow in sorrow and I'm dope of course there are no flows I need to borrowCopy that.

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Written by: Yuh'Mcety & Infinity Rhymes

Submitted by: Yuh'Mcety on January 12, 2018


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